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  With the technology development, and globalization effect expanding, the market will be perfectly competitive. In the new raw of market competition, can enterprises from all nations overcome the challenges and reach another honor of high peak, depends on one of the key point: the speed of corporate legal system modernization. Meanwhile, from the late 20th century, “innovation” has been the belief of industry. Innovation includes not only making better qualification of products, but lowering the cost of raw material while manufacturing high pricing products, also the construction of useful “value making” model. When many fields of industries are going digitalized, using cloud computing, how to manage intellectual properties becomes the enterprise’s key to success. In recent years, many countries chose protectionism in legal construction to keep their advantages in globalization, result in the wall of international trading and intellectual property protection standing between nations. Consequently, understanding those leading countries of main economic regions also turns into the significant issue in every enterprise.
  Farmar team’s competitive advantages are:
1. We have over 30 years experiences on legal service, including insight of domestic regulation trend and analysis, and the interdisciplinary risks evaluating report relating to law, finance, and technology development for the enterprise.
2. Patent and intellectual property service, including:
(1) Simultaneously own the license of Taiwan and U.S. patent attorney: being able to deal with intellectual property cases in the two countries. We can directly contact the I.P. officers by phone or email, increase the efficiency and solve more problems.
(2) Reliable, high quality global patent attorney network: Farmar can not only apply for the Taiwan and U.S. patent by ourselves, but also select partner patent offices in other countries. We have the ability to gauge the completion of their team, continuous and effectiveness of management, rigorous administrative process, profession about law and regulations, and reasonableness of charging.
(3) Construct customized patent portfolio and operating patent: Companies taking patent as competitive weapon is the undoubtful trend. How is the power of that weapon? Except effective patent application, integrating all the technique and patented technology of the client before the application is necessary.
  Meanwhile, to technology-orientated high-tech industry, intellectual property management is a necessary but difficult to controlled topic, namely, how to find the balance point between the cost and value of patent, and how to increase the competitive power in the battle field of patent practice. In addition, although most enterprises steadily pay annuities, they never really understand the value of patent. Not until encountering the inference of patent, did the companies start to put together their patents to see if the patents can be used as countering weapon. Briefly, the purpose of patent portfolio is only “operating”, including ad hoc blocking, inventing around, strategic patent, and attacking patent. Farmar consider patent can be more constructive. It is able to make profit for the enterprise through value making method, for example, premium of patent, licensing of particular patent, being competitive market tool, norm of government funding, and the supporting norm of Initial Public Offering. Farmar is excel at stock taking patent property. We assay existing patent combination, and generate strategy according to requirement of the enterprise, providing integrating service to elaborate the value of patent, and fully display the content of “invisible property” in patent.
  Nowadays, industries developed countries all take vigorous intellectual property regulation to protect the benefit of industry. Patent becomes a sharp weapon on business field. In the same time, when enterprises actively doing business, often interpreted by other enterprises through patent, causing pause of the feet to expand the market. Farmar intellectual property group is confident, capable of growing with our clients, marching into domestic and oversea markets. Supporting clients to build effective patent value system and patent trial attacking and defensing ability, and let clients can consolidate patent force to fight for the challenge. Given that, “Farmar International Trademark and Patent Law Office” and “Farmar Licensing Company, Ltd.” integrate patent portfolio, patent technique evaluation, business model counsel, licensing negotiation, and listing in Initial Public Offering, to provide integrated intellectual property service, from the perspective of capital market.
  Farmar Law Office carrying thousands of civil, commerce, criminal, administrative litigation experience, provides clients risk preventing and crisis management program. In Farmar Law Office, we have domestic and oversea professional lawyer team. Moreover, we set specialized enterprise merger and trademark group, especially handle technology licensing, business assignment, etc. Farmar International Patent & Law Office divides into two departments, Biochemistry (Biotechnology, Medicine, Chemical industry, Material and Biomedical Engineering), Engineering (Electrical and electronic engineering, Semiconductor, Photoelectricity, Communication, Mechanical Engineering and relevant products). Both departments are leaded by one Doctor with extensive experience of serving as IP application review committee or with rich knowledge in relating science field. Farmar Licensing Co., Ltd is expert in all kinds of notarization, patent technique assay, patent portfolio, technique value estimate, and IPO (including the third board and fourth board, over the counter market of China) planning and counsel.
  To guarantee the quality of service, in addition to bringing in the talents, and the systematic project management. Farmar keeps the concept of technical and quality-oriented in the service. Every case is analyzed with rigid team work discussion. Writing programs are proceeding with double checking flow path. Building long-term and steady strategic partner relationship with clients. Innovation is also Farmar’s good friend. Farmar will not satisfied with the fruitful result at this moment, but insists in satisfying clients’ demands. Improving quality and competitive advantages is our significant developing direction.

Farmar Chronicle


1991 Founded Farmar Law Offices (Former name is Jheng Ding Law Offices). Focused on legal matters. Set Taichung, Taoyuan, and Taipei office.

1995 Purchased the house of Taichung office current cite.

2001 Founded Farmar Licensing Co., Ltd. Providing technique value estimation, licensing negotiation, supporting investment attraction, technique transformation and other relating services.

2003 Founded Farmar International Patent & Trademark Offices. Providing patent, trademark, and other intellectual property services.

2008 Purchased the house of Taipei office current cite.

2012 Founded Xiamen Office: Farmar (Xiamen) Intellectual Property Consulting Co., Ltd.

2015 Founded San Diego, United Stated Office

2017 Founded Shen Zhen Office

2018 Founded Beijing Office